Mentorship Program

The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to assist the nuclear medicine trainee (i.e. residents, fellows and researchers) to develop fully their professional career through a support system that augments guidance by nuclear medicine residency program directors. These programs complement ACNM's priority to recruit, retain and develop job opportunities for the competent and qualified nuclear medicine physicians and researchers in United States. The goal is to implement the proven success strategies of mentoring in career development in nuclear medicine field.

Mentoring goals:

  • Increase potential for academic success, and thus increase the number of strong nuclear medicine trainees, who do well in the program and pass the ABNM qualifying exam.
  • Increase collaboration and networking opportunities (e.g. to educate about advances in clinical, research and the new upcoming topics in nuclear medicine).
  • Provide a structured system for strengthening and assuring the continuity of the nuclear medicine physicians and researchers as a specialist.

Mentoring objectives:

  • Residents and/or fellows as mentee will select a junior or senior nuclear medicine faculty who will guide them in preparing for the future job opportunities in academic centers, private practice and /or the industry.
  • The relationship between mentor and mentee should be kept professional and confidential.

Instructions for Residents

If you are interested in participating in the ACNM Mentoring Program, please submit the Mentoring Application to:

American College of Nuclear Medicine
Attn: Mentoring Program
1850 Samuel Morse Drive
Reston, VA 20191
Fax: 703-708-9020

You may also contact Simin Dadparvar, MD, FACNM at


Best Mentor of the Year Award

The American College of Nuclear Medicine values your assistance in making the ACNM Mentorship Program a success. The "Best Mentor of the Year" award will be given to the outstanding mentor who is selected by the resident(s)/fellow(s) at the end of each year prior to the ACNM Annual Meeting. The mentor will then receive his/her recognition award at the ACNM Annual Meeting. Your participation in this important program will generate outstanding leaders for nuclear medicine in the future.