ACNM Best Mentor Award

ACNM values the outstanding ACNM mentors who have assisted the residents/fellows to achieve their goals throughout the past year. The ACNM Best Mentor Awards for Best Clinical and Best Personal Mentor Awards are given to exceptional individuals who have dedicated their lives to mentoring others.

ACNM is now accepting nominations for ACNM Best Mentor.
The deadline for nominations is September 30.

ACNM has had a tradition of celebrating and acknowledging the best and most effective mentors in nuclear medicine.  For a number of years, the ACNM Mentor Awards were bestowed in the memory of Dr. Robert Lull from the UCSF San Francisco General Hospital.  In 2013, through a generous initial gift by Dr. Puneet Chandak, the ACNM Best Mentor Award was strengthened and has become an important pillar of the College.

Types of Awards:

  • "Clinical": reserved for those dedicated teachers of nuclear medicine in the most general term (including teachers of clinical and scientific basis of NM to trainees, other colleagues and the field at large).
  • "Personal": reserved for those who selflessly devote their time with amiability, demeanor, and dedication to mentoring nuclear medicine professionals for leading a productive personal and professional life in general contributing to the Society at large.

Selection and Presentation of Award:

  • Nominees are evaluated and selected for each category of award by the ACNM Awards Committee (one finalist and one runner-up for each category)
  • Presentation of award during the Awards Banquet at the ACNM Annual Meeting in January, by the ACNM President and Dr. Chandak
  • The awardee must be present to receive the award
  • If the selected awardee cannot be present to accept the award in person, then he/she may be considered again for the following year, and award will be presented to the runner-up candidate. An exception is made, and the award will still be presented to an absent awardee in the rare event of permanent disability or death that occurs in the interval between the date of the final selection and the date of the award presentation

Previous ACNM Best Mentor Awardees

2021- Somali Gavane and Shahram Bonyadlou
2020 -  Munir Ghesani
2019 -  Kevin Banks and Mark Tulchinsky
2018 -  Hossein Jadvar and Darlene Metter
2017 -  Leonard Freeman and Rathan Subramaniam
2016 -  Twyla Bartel and Patrick Colletti
2015 -  Robert Henkin and Nikki Hilliard
2014 -  S James Aldelstein and Abass Alavi
2013 -  Gholam Berenji
2012 -  Douglas Van Nostrand
2011 -  Charles Intenzo
2010 -  David Misltein
2009 -  Terence Beven
2008 -  Simni Daparvar
2007 -  S Ted Treves
2006 -  Abass Alavii