AMA Delegates

ACNM is proud of its association with the American Medical Association (AMA) and believes that its affiliation with the AMA is an important initiative for the college. The ACNM supports (non-financial) its delegate and alternate delegate to the AMA and requires bi-yearly reporting (following the AMA meetings). ACNM encourages ACNM members to join the AMA, as the primary professional association addressing the overarching needs of the medical community.

ACNM appreciates the unique opportunity to have representation to the AMA House of Delegates and keeps the ACNM delegate fully informed on the policy position of the ACNM so that the delegate can properly represent the organization in the AMA House of Delegates. The AMA Delegate and Alternate Delegate have ex-officio positions on the ACNM Board of Directors to ensure continued communication.  ACNM requires its delegate to report on the actions taken by the AMA House of Delegates during the ACNM Board of Directors meeting. This activity takes place at least two times per year and is open to all members. ACNM further disseminates information to its overall membership on the actions taken by the AMA House of Delegates at each meeting through the inclusion of AMA information on the ACNM website, communications to the ACNM membership.

*AMA delegates term runs through June 2024

The 2023 AMA Delegate is:

Alan Klitzke, MD, FACNM    
ACNM Delegate

Women’s Physician Section (WPS)
The ACNM is also proud to have representation within the Women’s Physician Section (WPS), working to increase the number and influence of women physicians in leadership roles. As an advocate for women’s health, the WPS identifies issues and communicates through a network of women leaders identified by their state or specialty societies to serve in the role of WPS Associate.

The 2023 AMA Women’s Physician Section Delegate is:

Erica Cohen, DO, MPH, CCD
ACNM Delegate   

AMA Young Professionals Section (YPS)
The ACNM is also proud to have representation within the AMA Young Professionals Section (YPS), working to attract young physicians to the AMA and organized medicine and to develop products and services of interest to young physicians. The YPS focuses on the concerns of those physicians under 40 years of age or within the first 8 years of professional practice after residency and fellowship training.

The AMA Young Professionals Section Delegate is currently vacant:


Resident and Medical School Section

Azeem Arshad, MBBS  
Bianca Radut, DO