ACNM Vision


Providing education, training and advocacy for the most sought-after and trusted experts in nuclear medicine who deliver state-of-the-art and innovative care and service to our patients and referring physicians.

The American College of Nuclear Medicine (ACNM) is a professional organization of the combined American College of Nuclear Physicians and the American College of Nuclear Medicine; officially formed on September 1, 2009. Both colleges brought over thirty years of service to its respective members and now directly represents the interests of nuclear medicine physicians before legislative and regulatory bodies, other medical organizations, the media and general public.

ACNM is comprised of physicians and other nuclear medicine professionals dedicated to enhancing the practice of nuclear medicine through study, education, and improvement of clinical practice. Our goal is to assure a legislative, legal, regulatory, and economic framework that encourages and makes practicable the safe, appropriate use of nuclear medicine procedures to improve the quality of health care service available to patients.


  • Grow the practice of nuclear medicine by increasing its application and promoting its use
  • Advocate fair reimbursement and a favorable economic environment for the practice of nuclear medicine
  • Represent the nuclear medicine community before government and regulatory bodies
  • Maintain a forum where nuclear medicine professionals interact to enhance the utilization and advancement of nuclear medicine
  • Inform the public, professionals, and government about the value of nuclear medicine; and
  • Communicate with other professional societies for the purpose of advancing the field of nuclear medicine

ACNM has developed programs to convey the benefits of nuclear medicine to the general public while offering information and support that enable our members to improve their practices.

Mission Statement

ACNM’s mission is to foster the highest standards in Nuclear Medicine consultation and service to referring physicians, hospitals, and the public, advance the science of Nuclear Medicine through study, education, and improvement of the socioeconomic aspects of the practice of Nuclear Medicine and thereby to improve Nuclear Medicine consultation and service and to promote the continuing competence and socioeconomic awareness of practitioners of Nuclear Medicine through a program of continuing professional development emphasizing high standards of Nuclear Medicine practice.