Clinical Nuclear Medicine (CNM)

Written for both generalists and specialists in nuclear medicine, Clinical Nuclear Medicine (CNM) ensures timely dissemination of data on current developments that affect all aspects of the specialty and is considered the most practice-oriented journal in the field of nuclear imaging. This authoritative journal provides up-to-date information on nuclear medicine that can be readily applied to clinical situations, with its numerous illustrations showing physicians how to apply vital information immediately in their everyday practice.

How to Access Your Online Clinical Nuclear Medicine Journal (ACNM Members Only)

In order to gain access to the full-text content and take advantage of the enhanced features at Clinical Nuclear Medicine online, please follow the directions below to register and activate your online subscription.  This is a quick and easy one-time process that allows you to set up your personal user profile and will provide you with seamless access to the website’s robust features and functionality:

  • Go to the journal website 
  • On the homepage, click the ‘Register’ link at the top right hand side of the journal homepage
  • Create a username & password along with inputting a valid email address.  Click ‘Continue’ when complete.  You MUST follow the user name and password tips displayed on the right of the screen. Note: If you already have an account on the myLWW electronic journal platform, please use same email address.
  • Input your name and address, then click ‘Continue’ when finished.  Please note the required fields specified by red asterisks
  • Fill out the optional demographic data, read and accept the End User License Agreement.  Click ‘Complete Registration.’  You MUST accept the End User License Agreement in order to continue
  • You will be instructed to check your email for your email address validation link.  In the email, [email protected], click the link to complete the registration
  • Upon returning to the journal site, login with your newly created username and password
  • Click the first link on the next screen: “Yes! I am a subscriber and I want to activate my online subscription(s)”
  • Enter your subscriber account number
  • A window will inform you if your activation was successful.  Click “Close Window” and return to the homepage of the journal.  You will be logged in and able to access all content

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