ACNM International Activities and Opportunities

ACNM is proud of their partnerships with nuclear medicine organizations from around the globe. This international outreach fosters the exchange of ideas, education, and opportunities within the shared specialty of nuclear medicine.


ACNM/CSNM American-Sino Academy of Nuclear Medicine

ACNM and CSNM partnered to create an ACNM/CSNM American-Sino Academy of Nuclear Medicine. This is an organization designed to promote nuclear medicine in both countries by enhancing the practice of nuclear medicine/molecular imaging through the study, education and improvement of clinical practice in both countries as well as facilitate cross cultural exchange of nuclear medicine between both countries.
*Currently unavailable due to Covid-19.

Additional Partnership Agreements

July 2021: ACNM signed an MOU with the Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine January 2021: ACNM signed an MOU with the The Nuclear Medicine Society (Singapore)
June 2019: ACNM signed an MOU with the Asia Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology
June 2019: ACNM signed an MOU with the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine
June 2018:  ACNM signed an MOU with the Society of Nuclear Medicine-India
June 2017:  ACNM signed an MOU with the South African Society of Nuclear Medicine

ACNM International Visiting Professor Application

If you are interested in representing ACNM as an international visiting professor please email the ACNM International Affairs Committee. Send a sample of a lecture you have given recently for evaluation and a recording of the lecture if available.  (This opportunity is only available to ACNM members)
*Twyla Bartel, DO, MBA, FACNM
ACNM Visiting Professor to Japan

* ACNM International Visiting Professors
from Israel, South Africa & Singapore.

ACNM International Visiting Professors

Name Year Location Topic
Arnon Schwartz (Israel) 2023 USA-ACNM Program Treatment of Thyroid Cancer in Pediatrics
Sean XueXian (Singapore) 2023 USA-ACNM Program Pushing Boundaries of SSR-Based Theranostics
Lizette Louw (South Africa) 2023 USA-ACNM Program A Land of Inequality - Theranostics in South Africa
Twyla Bartel 2023 Singapore NM Infection/Inflammation Imaging
Fani Bozkurt (Turkey) 2022 USA-ACNM Program 90Y Microsphere Treatment
Aikif Ullah Khan (Pakistan) 2022 USA-ACNM Program Theranostics in GEP-NETs
Richard Graham (UK) 2022 USA-ACNM Program Future of Theranostics
Gary Ulaner 2022 India TBD
Ora Israel (Israel) 2022 Webinar NaF PET
Ishita Sen (India) 2021 USA-ACNM Program 68Ga PSMA PET/CT Prostate Cancer
Tham Wei Ying (Singapore) 2021 USA-ACNM Program Theranostic Use of Radionanomedicine
So Won Oh (Korea) 2021 USA-ACNM Program Clinical Outcome for PRRT for NETs in Asian Population
Simin Dadparvar 2021 Pakistan PET/CT Breast Cancer
Mark Tulchinsky 2020 Pakistan Impact of 2015 ATA Guidelines on NM, Radiotheragnostic Paradigm for Oncological Indications
Humayun Bashir 2020 Pakistan Molecular Imaging of Pheochromocytoma: MIBG vs DOTA
John Buscombe (UK) 2020 USA-ACNM Program PET/MR
Hidehiko Okazawa (Japan) 2020 USA-ACNM Program PET/MR
John Buscombe (UK) 2020 Webinar PET/MR
David Ng 2019 UK Cardiac Sarcoidosis
Alan Klitzke 2019 UK 177Lu DOTATATE Therapy Center
Mark Tulchinsky 2019 UK Secondary Malignancy Risks of Raioiodine Therapy, Radioiodine Salivary Gland Damage
David Ng 2019 Singapore Melanoma PET/CT, Neuroendocrine PET/CT, Cardiac Sarcoidosis
John Buscombe (UK) 2019 USA-ACNM Program PSMA Theranostics
Lizette Louw (South Africa) 2019 USA-ACNM Program Hidden Gems in NM
Simin Dadparvar 2018 Turkey SPECT/CT
Hossein Jadvar 2018 Turkey Prostate Cancer Theranostics
Alan Klitzke 2018 UK ACNM Info
Fengyu Peng 2018 China  Prostate Cancer PET
Simin Dadparvar 2018 India Targeted Radionuclide Therapy
Lorraine De Blanche 2018 South Africa Thyroid Cancer Treatment, NM Training in USA
Twyla Bartel 2018 Japan ACNM Info
Jean Luc Urbain (Canada) 2018 USA-ACNM Program NM in Canada
Sabina Dizdarevic (UK) 2018 USA-ACNM Program 223Ra Treatment
Patrick Colletti 2018 China-SinoAmerican Conference Parametric Brain Mapping
Erica Cohen 2017 Israel Appropriate use of NM, NM in USA and ACNM Info
Amol Takalkar 2017 India
Zvi Bar-Sever (Israel) 2017 USA-ACNM Program NM in Israel
Shaunak Navalkissoor (UK) 2017 USA-ACNM Program NM in UK
Fani Bozkurt (Turkey) 2017 USA-ACNM Program Guided Interoperative Scintigraphic Tumor Targeting
Lin Li (China) 2017 USA-SinoAmerican Conference Radioiodine Thyroid Cancer Therapy
Yangson Lin (China) 2017 USA-SinoAmerican Conference Diagnosis and Treatment of Distant Metastatic Thyroid Cancer
Zairong Gao (China) 2017 USA-SinoAmerican Conference Radioiodine Treatment of Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma
Anca Avram 2017 USA-SinoAmerican Conference American Perspective of Thyroid Cancer Management
Patrick Colletti 2017 China-SinoAmerican Conference Publishing Your Manuscript, ACNM and CNM, Lymphedema
Hongming Zhuang 2017 China-SinoAmerican Conference How to Write Clinical Papers, MIBG Theranostics
Simin Dadparvar 2017 China-SinoAmerican Conference SPECT/CT Imaging in the USA
Rathan Subramaniam 2016 Turkey USA Training Challenges, Colorectal PET/CT PET/MR
Amol Takalkar 2016 Turkey NET Ga-68 Imaging, Prostate Cancer PET/CT PET/MR
Yaming Li (China) 2016 USA-ACNM Program PET in China
Fani Bozkurt (Turkey) 2016 USA-ACNM Program 90Y Microsphere Treatment
Richard Baum (UK) 2016 USA-ACNM Program Prostate Cancer Theranostics
Patrick Colletti 2016 China-SinoAmerican Conference How to Get Published in CNM
Hongming Zhuang 2016 China-SinoAmerican Conference How to Get Published in CNM
Rathan Subramaniam 2015 Singapore H&N Cancer PET/CT, Movement Disorder, Dementia