ACNM Intern (2019-2021)

Babak Saboury Sichani, MD, MPH is the ACNM Intern (2019-2021)

Dr. Saboury recently completed a Fellowship in OncoRadiology/Body MRI and Cancer Informatics at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore and the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD. 

As ACNM intern, Dr. Saboury would like to continue to learn about the ACNM, more specifically about the governance, goals, and involvement in education. Dr. Saboury believes we have to strategically be involved with regulatory agencies (from radiation safety/dosimetry to the concept of authorized user), as well as reimbursement agencies. The next generation of nuclear medicine should see the actuals in hand and potentials ahead. Trainees should see the financial prosperity of this field and it is our obligation to show the current capacities and try to address the challenges. When diagnostic radiology is struggling with existential threat by the emergence of AI, it is our responsibility to show the value of “patient-facing” aspects of nuclear medicine. He believes there are many untapped resources in the practice of nuclear medicine, many of those are hidden from the eyes of young professionals and is willing to serve these missions by involvement with economics commission, government relations commission, and leadership and practice development commission of the college.